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Kaiser is taking a leading role for laundry auxiliaries and colorants by  providing thorough and skillful support all around the World with the globe a broad portfolio of DyStar products ,offering customers always best available processes and technologies for laundry applications as a laundry solution provider company learn more...

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MAR / 7 / 2018

Innovative Laser Activating System

Lava Con LAC is a specially formulated product designed to enhance the contrast in the laser treatment effect and is used to create a boosted laser effect on the areas of garments where both Lava Con LAC product and laser are applied. Areas treated with the product, but not treated with the laser are not affected.

The spraying accuracy to the garment is therefore not critical. Lava Con LAC creates a boosted effect with the laser, therefore higher production throughput may be achieved from the laser — or lower laser temperatures can be employed to prevent fusing/melting or damage to certain other fabric fiber components like elastane or polyester It improves laser effects dramatically with unique look and in some cases, no need to apply permanganate. Details...
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